If I love, admire and madly sing the praises of the wind,
And if I drink its fluid, living wine to the dregs.
It is because it swells my whole being and because before
It filters through my lungs and through my pores
Into the blood that sustains my body,
With its rude strength or its great gentleness
Expansively, it has embraced the world
- Emile Verhansen


I confess, I have an irrepressible nostalgia for the forces of beauty that direct the world; particularly the way in which they are open, indeterminate and participatory in their exchange with all things. We too, are a moving force in a dreaming world, and just as indeterminate. But are we open and participatory in our exchange with all things?

A philosophy concerned with human destiny and its connection to the wider circles of existence must not only admit the world dreams in us, but adapt to it and continue its flow. I will never tire of saying it; the whole universe courses through our body, dreaming itself into existence.

Welcome to the Winds of Change Association - Christina