Workshops Receptive Wisdom - A Transformational Journey


Receptive Wisdom:
A Transformational Journey in Consciousness

A one-year training program with Christina Donnell

Second Training: Between the Infinite in the Body and the Breathing Cosmos

Mysticism is a natural condition of humanity. The mysterious cannot be unraveled with the intellect. It can however, be entered into through receptive wisdom. Through receptive awareness we learn what cannot be taught.

Receptive awareness awakens ones´ consciousness to their subtle spiritual nature. It teaches one to spiritualize the body– to perceive it as a reflection of Spirit and to see one's–self as the divine life energy that sustains the body. This state of awareness naturally dissolves the alternating waves of thought, desires, and emotions arising from the likes and dislikes produced by the intellect.

In this experiential workshop, receptive wisdom is explored and a path is revealed by which we can access our spiritual essence. From this place, whenever we move deeply within and through an exchange, extraordinary realms become available to us. By shifting our awareness to identify with the life force right beneath the flesh, we can dissolve the fundamental "I" into the "One" experiencing the bloom of daily joy and wonderment independent of external conditions. It is also from here we can awaken transcendent capacities–spontaneous healing, prophecy, clairvoyance, stepping out of time.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Use experiential exercises to shift perception to spiritualize the body
  • Step beyond reason and enter into a participatory exchange with the energy behind and within the creation
  • Attain a fundamental transformation of the "I" from a separate, limited and contracted identity into a rich and infinite one

Workshops Receptive Wisdom - A Transformational Journey