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Dreaming Awake - An Apprenticeship to Deep "Seeing"
with Christina Donnell

Throughout history many great mystics, prophets, and men and women of genius have come in direct contact with the Dreaming and have demonstrated the wisdom and power that derive from living in connection with this force birthing creation. When we are not surrounding ourselves with high walls, we have this astonishing interior architecture that allows us to experience a connection with this immeasurable, indestructible force that is us and yet much greater than us.

In this three-day experiential retreat the art of dreaming awake is explored and a path is revealed by which we can experience the force birthing creation. In this kind of dreaming we undergo an energetic shift in which our ordinary identity relaxes and an all-encompassing, formless one emerges to interact with the greater invisible field in which are living. From this place, whenever we move deeply within and through an exchange, extraordinary realms become available to us. It is here we can apprentice ourselves to deep "seeing" and experience a profound conversation with the divine intelligence that animates the universe.

Participants will learn to:

  • Use experiential excercises to widen identity and shift perception;
  • Step beyond reason and enter into a participatory exchange with the energy behind creation;
  • Identify the rich aliveness in a dream state that is making its way from the unseen world to the visible world.
Calendar Dreaming Awake