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Fluid Writing
Playing in the Unseen World behind Words with Pat Samples and Christina Donnell

Please join us for a week of play in the unseen world behind words while rejuvenating in the waters of the Caribbean in Cozumel. So much has been written and taught about the craft of writing. What is often forgotten is the practice of entering the generative bath of the unseen world behind words to nourish our writing.

Writing has its genesis in reverie; deep daydreaming and play. We cannot write a piece until we have hit upon its rhythm. That rhythm not only belongs to the subject matter, it belongs to our interior space, and the moment they hook up there's an extraordinary synergy created. One is no longer an artist; one becomes art itself.

Our week of exploring the unseen world behind words is devoted to discovery: how to awaken our interior space; listen to the rhythm of our subject matter; learn to let it engage our interior space; and support the fluid flow of writing over time. This retreat is an opportunity to get to know your muse and what it requires for it to express its deepest originality.

All levels of writers are welcome. Enrollment is limited to 10 people.

Workshops Fluid Writing