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The Dreamer Awakening
Two Day Retreat with Christina Donnell

As dreamers we awaken to the invitation to be taken to play in the world of dreams where time is no more. Awakening and surrendering: they frame each moment and between them the journey where anything can happen unfolds. Often we have no guiding principle for surrender or nonbeing. Dreaming merely takes us elsewhere, without our really being able to live the images and sensations we encounter along the way.

In truth, things, dreams, minds, and even bodies do not begin or cease to exist. A piece of paper before it manifests already existed in the clouds and the trees. If we were to burn it, it would not cease to exist. It would simply surrender to latency. The smoke will go into the clouds; the warmth, our atmosphere. Things do not arrive or depart. They either manifest or are latent.

Every dreamer can embrace the invitation to coexist simultaneously with manifestation and latency. Through this invitation, our inner being gets a gentle push which throws us off balance and sets in motion dynamic dreaming. If the invitation is lived, it stimulates a well-defined dreaming that will have real laws governing successive materializations, a truly vital manifestation. The dreamer will embody a truth, there is no coming or going, which allows for further invitations into surrender and absence—our omnipresent nature.

Our weekend together is an invitation to experience a series of encounters designed to decondition the notion of coming and going, being and nonbeing—perceptual frameworks that limit the freedom and power of our dream body. We will invite time to unveil its eternal interior and release the dream body from its conditioned limitation, allowing for new effects and conditions to arise that are simply latent.

Our time together is also an invocation: a call for us to awaken to our omnipresent nature and the whole and holy order of creation. Albeit what dreaming is can never be finally said, our weekend sitting in circle together is designed to seed the conditions that manifest the dreaming itself. It is an opportunity for us to become dream itself, and explore the power and force of surrendering in order to further awaken.