Workshops Deep Seeing


Deep Seeing:
Dream Tending Our Evolving Consciousness

Deep Seeing is the art of union with a greater reality, not just the visible world but the force-filled space organizing our visible world. While deep seeing includes our gaze, it is also the art of awakening dynamic perception in the body. The change in perception we are talking about is itself a change of one's whole being. One begins to experience one's interconnectedness with the natural power and energy of the phenomenal world. From here, there is an extension of ordinary consciousness; a release of latent capacities and a widening vision so that aspects of truth unplumbed by the rational intellect are revealed.

In this two-day non-residential retreat, several unique qualities of deep seeing are explored. Each could be viewed as a marker for shifts in consciousness. As one develops this way of seeing, there is a shift in our attention on to a different plane; to a second-order preoccupation in which non-dual consciousness emerges and multidimensional awareness reveals itself.

I would like to invite those of you interested to join me as we together explore how seeing becomes a cosmic, creative, transforming force while allowing us to discover and rediscover our boundlessness.

Registration fee includes lunch and dinner on Saturday; lunch on Sunday. Snacks and beverages available throughout the weekend.