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Living the Unitive Way
Shamanic Wisdom for Embodiment of Unity Consciousness

We know in our world, how the original Essence (meaning the Absolute) has manifested itself in so many forms and shapes, which we see and know in the stars, and the wind, likewise in the living creatures, and in the trees and plants. It is this truth, this one Essence, when it is awakened within, we experience the unity in all things, that is opening itself out in many ways.

Indeed, within the dancing atoms of our interiority, this mysterious unceasing Essence is like an unbound process, an eternity stamped in every cell of our body: it descends into the infinite. When our attention realizes this inner space, the unitive experience is born. Here, one is lifted to another plane of consciousness and becomes an agent of the Absolute – an energizing center. One’s perception, power, capacity and service in the world unfolds radically different.

The Unitive Experience has two essential characteristics: both the quality and structure of awareness are changed. The qualitative change involves the heightening of sensations and of the meaning they convey. The structural change involves a unification of all parts of awareness to form a total system. In embracing the unified system, the field of consciousness expands far beyond it’s normal limits.

In this three-day retreat we will explore the mystery of this eternity stamped in our interiority through silence, experientials, movement, ceremony, and dialogue. We will also look at what kind of formation is necessary to step into the unitive experience – what is required by you, to put its deepest truths, beauty and powers into action. Quite simply, to become an agent of the absolute is to incarnate the eternal in time. Human beings were made for this.

Retreat fee includes the following: Wisdom Talk registration; three-day non-residential retreat registration, including lunch daily, snacks and beverages.

Participants are responsible for lodging and all other meals. Once on Bainbridge Island, transportation to/from events can be arranged. Recommendations for lodging and local good eats is available by request.