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Cultivating Awareness Without Frontiers
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Cultivating Awareness Without Frontiers
(Six-Week Evening Series) with Christina Donnell


“Is there attention without any form of motive, influence, compulsion? Can the mind give full attention without any sense of exclusion?”
J.R. Krishnamurti

A mind that listens with complete attention will never look for a result because it is constantly unfolding; like a river, it is always in movement. In this movement, attention without frontiers unfolds and everything becomes a numinous invitation to a depth of experience which our everyday awareness will not give us a key.

Please join us for a six-week meditation series devoted to expanding everyday awareness. It is a form of meditation that allows one to come into felt relation with the wider circles of existence. The natural by-product of cultivating this kind of awareness is joy and wonderment. You will also experience how the invisible becomes visible.