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Munay: The Global Heart Audio Series
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Munay: The Global Heart Audio Series
A 10-month Audio Series with Christina Donnell

Munay is a Quechua term meaning: Dissolving the I into the One. It is a call to purity of heart and love. Please join Christina in this ten-session audio series in which she takes the voyageur in consciousness into the felt-sense in the body of “dissolution into the One”. The audio series includes wisdom talks, meditations and experiential exercises. This audio series is part of the San Francisco 2015-16 Global Heart Trainings, and as a result of global interest, has been made available for our growing virtual community.

“The one who is in tune with the universe becomes like a radio receiver through which the voice of the world soul is transmitted. A reality centric to a self washes out to sea. Let your soul pierce through the planes of existence, and touch the source of all things. When you do, you will find a voice that speaks to you. But in what language? The answer comes from everything: from the wind, the water, the atmosphere, the air—everything brings the same answer.”