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Unitive Life Calling
A weekend event with Christina Donnell (Wisdom talk & One-day, non-residential retreat)
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Unitive Life Calling:
The Initiate's Way

"Unity Consciousness is not something we do. Nor is it a personal capacity. There is no need to seek it. It is already within us. We become quiet, and by doing so, the door to Silence opens and the unitive experience is eventually granted. It comes. You recognize it when it does. You feel the presence as an invitation. Every fiber of your being sings to it. Here, true magic, the remaking of consciousness is a foot."

An Initiate of the Unitive Life Calling ventures into eternal waters and brings a new spiritual impulse that is intended for all of humanity. The Initiate then lives this impulse, showing the way. The tools of the Initiate are stillness and silence. This path is not for the light-hearted. States of emptiness occur which can be the death of much of how you perceived, moved and acted in our world - making room for the new consciousness being born.

Please come join Christina for renewal and nourishment in community as she presents a wisdom talk on the Unitive Life Calling and enters retreat space with Silent Meditation, and intimate, poignant dialogue on what is dying in the remaking of consciousness. Often what is dying in the remaking of consciousness becomes resistant to entering Silence and slows the initiate's calling. The sign posts along the path of the Unitive Life Calling - Emptiness, Nothingness (To live without the action of will), Surrender, will be illuminated, along with common mistakes in Silent Meditation.

Retreat fee includes the following: Wisdom Talk registration; one-day non-residential retreat registration, including lunch daily, snacks and beverages.

Participants are responsible for lodging and all other meals. Once on Bainbridge Island, transportation to/from events can be arranged. Recommendations for lodging and local good eats are available by request.