Christina Donnell & The Winds of Change Association

Christina Donnell, Ph.D.

Christina Donnell
Christina Donnell, classically trained as a clinical psychologist, is an award-winning author, prophetic dreamer, and gifted teacher. She has spent over two decades studying Eastern traditions and the shamanic energy practices of the Q’ero Indians of Peru. Combining her interest in cultivating the human spirit with her formal training in shifting perception, Christina conveys a simple yet profound message. Through deepening receptive awareness the participatory nature of perception unfolds and the transfiguration of our consciousness occurs.

Christina devotes herself full time to her teachings through The Winds of Change Association. She maintains a consultation practice and travels extensively, conducting workshop intensives and giving public lectures.

Sheri Harris, MSW, LISW

Sheri Harris
Sheri Harris has been serving the Winds of Change community for many years. She has a deep investment in holding space and serving those who enter into transformative experiences. Her lifelong interest in the natural world and global indigenous practices is in divine alignment with the mission of Winds of Change.

Sheri divides her time between Winds of Change and full-time social work in the Minneapolis Public Schools. In both settings, she is humble in her devotion and service to all who seek growth and expansion.

The Winds of Change Association

WOCA LogoThe Winds of Change Association, Ltd. is dedicated to offering workshops, programs and experiences that reawaken our human potential and train our spirits to be vital and alive.

Inspired by the cultural shifts and changing human values now occurring on a planetary scale, The Winds of Change Association was founded in 1996 as an educational organization dedicated to cultivating the potency of the human spirit.

It is our spirit that connects us to the greater whole to which we belong. Often it is buried beneath mundane concerns, bodily desires, emotional disturbances and mental distractions. Through education, healing and training, the potency of the human spirit can be realized. The Association offers workshops, lectures, programs and experiences that reawaken us to the omnipresence of our human spirit.