Audio Series

green trees in the mountains

The Unitive Life: Part Two

Living The Unitive Way: Don’t Mistake the Map for the Territory

A six-set audio series.

This audio series is devoted to six themes helpful in guiding daily living from the lens of unity consciousness. It feels as though a greater wind is their scribe.

The Unitive Life: Part One

A nine-set audio series.

In this audio series Christina explores the organic development of unity consciousness. She presents three phases of continuous and orderly growth by which a remaking of consciousness occurs and the unitive life develops and matures.

ripple in lake
woman doing yoga on a dock by a lake

Munay: The Global Heart Audio Series

A ten-set audio series.

Munay is a Quechua term meaning: Dissolving the I into the One. It is a call to purity of heart and love. Please join Christina in this ten-session audio series in which she takes the voyageur in consciousness into the felt-sense in the body of “dissolution into the One”.

Deep Seeing: A Silent Invocation: To what shall be; to what can be

A six-set audio series.

Deep Seeing is the art of union with a greater reality, not just the visible world but the force-filled space organizing our visible world. While deep seeing includes our gaze, it is also the art of awakening dynamic perception in the body. 

woman looking over body of water in the mountains
mountain in night sky

The Omnipresent Body: Dream Tending Our Evolving Consciousness

A six-set audio series.

Humanity and the earth, for the time in our memory, together have been spiraling through the cosmos on inseparable journeys of growth and expansion. At a time when there is so much change, it has been said ‘the time has come and the revolution has begun.’ 

Cultivating Awareness Without Frontiers

A six-set audio series.

A mind that listens with complete attention will never look for a result because it is constantly unfolding; like a river, it is always in movement. In this movement, attention without frontiers unfolds and everything becomes a numinous invitation to a depth of experience which our everyday awareness will not give us a key.

water stream in the mountains