Lifting the Veil

Within the dancing atoms of our body, there is a mysterious unceasing power that, like an unbound process, descends into the infinite. When awareness touches this inner space, a different plane of consciousness is realized. Unity consciousness is a by-product. Here, perception, power, capacity, and service in the world radically unfolds in a different way. Human beings were designed to incarnate the eternal in time.


If I love, admire, and madly sing the praises of the wind,
And if I drink its fluid, living wine to the dregs.
It is because it swells my whole being and because before
It filters through my lungs and through my pores
Into the blood that sustains my body,
With its rude strength or its great gentleness
Expansively, it has embraced the world.

~ Emile Verhansen

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Nautilus Award Winner!

Another recognition for Living Language: Surrendering to the Power of Words!  We are deeply honored to be acknowledged by Nautilus Book Awards for 2024: A

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Please tune in to our YouTube channel for our Sundays with Christina where she shares her wisdom, musings and moments of inspiration for sowing seeds

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The Power of Word

By Christina Donnell | 1 min. read | The power of the spoken or written word is not unlike calligraphy where the work is created

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The Reign of Silence

By Christina Donnell | 2 min. read | “Silence is the root of everything. If you spiral into its void a hundred voices will thunder

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“Transcendent Dreaming is a revolutionary book. I was blown away by the beauty of it. It is beyond profound.”
Martha Lawrence
“For anyone who believes there is a vibrational shift now occurring, this book is a must read.”
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"I know of no shamanic teacher whose work has touched me more deeply than Christina Donnell's."
Michael Stone
"While studying with Christina, I found that her Unitive Life series offers an extraordinary, step-by-step journey into deeply connected states of awareness."
Meg Jordan