Introducing SUBSTACK

Timeless Consciousness…

Dive deeper into Christina’s written work on a platform that values quality, diversity and celebrates humanity. Substack is an evolving space where individuals like writers, musicians, scientists, and culture-makers of all kinds share their work. She will join folks like Margaret Atwood, George Saunders, Patti Smith, and also someone like your next door neighbor who likes to cook and share her recipes and stories.

Every Sunday beginning June 16, we will be sharing bits of Christina’s work as inspiration for the rest of the week. Think of it as a weekly-changing bulletin board, with more words and not a lot of images.

Christina will be releasing nuggets from transcripts of more than 70 audios recordings, wisdom and book talks and poetry from over 25 years of teaching archives.

Christina’s account link is below. We look forward to building our community, connecting and engaging with you on Substack!