person silhouette at sunset looking over water

Good Night Homo Sapien/The Dawning of Homo Illuminous

By Christina Donnell | 2 min. read |

I find dissolution in your nakedness, 
And languish here, my sister of the sea. 
A great calm listens to me, where I listen for hope.
I bring my futile tears, an offering to the water’s edge.

The water’s voice changes. It speaks of evening:
I’m lost in the rippling waters undressed words.
Time is fulfilled, desires have fallen still,
Borne on inner wings, my heart unfolds.
Profound new depths within my inner sky!

And then… there comes a moment 
When everything you hold most sure, 
The very foundation of being, 
Wavers – shudders
Like a canvas backdrop about to be raised,
Like a sailboat feeling the wind, moving around it’s anchor,
Then knowledge becomes shaky,
And a world revolving around a center of self, peels away.
The incense of vanity lingers.

Now, I can only love the changeling water.
Alas, the image is vain, the tears eternal.
Here in the water is my flesh of moon and dew.
Here are my silver arms, their movement pure…
My slow hands tire calling in the gold.

For near and far, the night in whispers speaks.
Farewell, Homo Sapien…. Twilight will come.
A sea in its eternity, twining mysteriously.

Like murmurs of the sea in an old shell,
Doubt – on the brink of greatest wonder,
Whether I am sleeping or awake.