Encounters with Living Language


In this illuminating book, Dr. Christina Donnell chronicles a series of dreams that, much to her surprise, revealed the presence within her of certain transcendent capacities. The more they surfaced, the clearer it became that in her dreams she was gradually approaching a state of oneness with all of creation— an awareness she proposes lies dormant in humankind, ready to be awakened.


A Riveting Account of Donnell’s Discoveries, Free of Spiritual Dogma
A series of mystifying moments occasioned by words that lit up before her eyes had longtime psychologist and teacher Christina Donnell profoundly engaged. As her sensory impressions of this “living language” deepened within her, she noticed her thoughts giving way to direct perception and her inner sensations yielding to a feeling of universal perception, transporting her to a level of awareness far beyond normal. No longer was there a self separate from other; infinity and eternity had become physical realities; and more.

This riveting account of Donnell’s discoveries, free of spiritual dogma, invites readers to explore how living language may impact dormant places still waiting to awaken within them—and how, through the forces ignited by words, a new world is already emerging, unobtrusively reconnecting human consciousness to the whole of life.

What others are saying:
“This clear wise book about renewing our connection with sacred language will bring all who read it benefit and inspiration.”

Andrew Harvey, author of The Hope and Engoldenment

“Opening to language in this way, we find a tool that touches our evolution. This book isn’t just another idea; it is a living transmission.”

Mary Jo Peppler, International Volleyball Hall of Fame and two-time Olympian

“An exceptional glimpse into the fascinating connections between language and the hidden depths of human consciousness.”

Beatrice Toothman, Manhattan Book Review

“Christina Donnell is a seer. When I read her first book, Transcendent Dreaming, I was impressed by the depth of her wisdom, grounded in both mystical and practical experience. I now consider her among the conduits used by some higher source of wisdom to convey teachings to humanity. In Encounters with Living Language, she offers fascinating glimpses at what it is like to live guided by deep, prophetic insight.”

Rick Archer, Creator and Host of Buddha at the Gas Pump

“A beautifully written book. Readers will walk away thinking about how language affects them in their daily lives.”

Kyle Eaton, San Francisco Book Review

“A mind-blowing exploration of the potential role language could play. This book will trigger transformative thoughts and an increased level of awareness.”

Foluso Falaye, Seattle Book Review

“Between the words of this book there is an energy that flows around us and stirs the consciousness, enkindling a journey in which creation is given voice and original ground is revealed within. All of creation is calling for us to awaken! Thank you, Christina, for illuminating the path.”

Jyoti Ma, Founder of The Fountain for the Natural Order of Our Existence