Workshops Secrets of the Invisible


Secrets of the Invisible
The Movement, Realization and Power of the Unseen with Christina Donnell

Amazing are the feats of invisible forces. They lift the eagle above the highest mountain, move the tides, shape the earth, and sculpt the human heart. There is a great force that holds us to the earth. There is a great force that pulls objects together, that pushes them apart, but we cannot see it. We cannot see what is unseen, yet it shapes the cosmos and it sculpts the human heart.

A life relentlessly fixed on the visible is a life cut off from its roots, dangerous in its lack of truth and dimensionality. As the twentieth century visionary, German poet Rainer Rilke once said to his Polish translator, “The Invisible should not be confused with the Non-present. The Invisible is absolutely present, just as the Unseen is absolutely part of the All.” The unseen is wondrous because of what it contains, not what it lacks. Because the unseen is a presence, not an absence, it is already here, already a potential. Abandoning the surface of things takes something more than curiosity, or a need for depth, it takes trust in receiving the world—taking into ourselves the movement, realization and power of the unseen as a force.

The Invisible: what wonders it performs, and yet it whispers softly in a manner and a language only the soul can understand. To feel its magic, to hear its voice, requires more of us. Come join us for a two-day retreat in which we explore the movement, realization, and power of the unseen; where we deeply inhabit the Mystery at the crossroads of our senses and mind. Only someone who is deeply committed to the Invisible will live the relationship with another as something intensely alive, sounding the depths of their own being.

Come prepared to deeply witness the midwifery of the unseen to the seen in your own world.