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Deep Seeing
A Doorway to the Eternal with Christina Donnell

Everything is a paradise to the eye that knows how to see. For me, the truth about deep seeing is that it is participatory, and omnipresent. Seeing becomes not only with our eyes, and an awareness in the mind; it is also a process in the body. The body is itself a kind of place—not a solid object but a terrain through which things pass, and in which they sometimes transfigure. It is by no means a closed and determinate entity, but rather a sensitive threshold through which the world experiences itself, a doorway through which sundry aspects of the universe are always flowing. Sometimes the world’s textures move across this threshold unchanged; sometimes they are transformed by the passage; and sometimes they reshape the threshold itself.

This six-week series is an invitation to engage, to transform perception—within. Deep seeing once ensconced in its proper hearth—the body, provides a dwelling place big enough for the mind, and the omnipresent nature of the heart, and soul. It invites in. It connects and reconnects. It allures.

I would like to invite those of you interested, to join me on a journey in which we might together, discover some of the hidden depths of our inner world. Perhaps it is best to imagine deep seeing as a doorway leading to somewhere that is beyond the range of language into a you that is both immediate and intimate and also vast. It is a profound journey into the reconnection of our humanness with the universe and our Eternal nature. Seeing becomes a cosmic, creative, transforming force while allowing us to discover and rediscover our own boundless depths.