Living the Unitive Way Audio Series (Part II)


A six-set audio series recorded monthly with Christina Donnell. This series will be an encouragement to realize one’s own nature, one’s deepest inner-essence.

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This audio series is devoted to six themes helpful in guiding daily living from the lens of unity consciousness. It feels as though a greater wind is their scribe. These themes are like tides that rise and fall inside me, as if I were just their bay and receptive shoreline. Seemingly, they appear to come from places in which participants comments have helped me to understand where many may find themselves stuck in the calling.

Each audio is dedicated to a topic that has revisited since laying out the map for the Unitive Life. They speak to the territory, more than the map.

Six themes the audios may include:
~How to Anchor from the Original Light Creating our Manifest World; Not from Only Our Manifest World
~The Power of Prayer When Anchored From the Silence
~The Body Opens to Source: Heightened Sensory Acuity
~Transformation of the “Thing-ing”: No Self to Be Seen
~Hidden Truths: Light the Lamp
~Viewing the World: Assimilating Doership