The Unitive Life Audio Series (Part I)


In this audio series Christina explores the organic development of unity consciousness. She presents three phases of continuous and orderly growth by which a remaking of consciousness occurs and the unitive life develops and matures.

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The unitive life involves a deep relationship to Silence and this series calls for a radical receptivity united to the exploration of the depths and dimensions of Silence. Because the unitive life can only be entered; not apprehended, a daily meditation practice dedicated to exploring Silence is fundamental to the series. In each of the nine audios, Christina provides the listener with instruction and practical advice in how to enter Silence and how it is related to each phase of the unitive life.

As we enter Silence, its presence resonates throughout the fibers of our flesh, extending to every cell of our body inwardly and to the cosmos outwardly. Our body is the necessary meeting point where the inward silence meets up with the immense silence of the cosmos and the unitive experience is borne forth. When we find the entry into this vast stillness, our lives are irrevocably changed and a monumental transition takes place. The unitive experience emerges. Here, a deep and peaceful love unites us with the substance of all things and a plane of awareness is attained which no intellectual process can grant. By-products of this experience include a progression in love, and the center of our universe shifts from self-interests, to a global heart – an embodied awareness deeply living in and beyond our everyday world.

In this series, Christina is asking us to abandon surface impressions and patterns, to abandon what has become comfortable and to embrace a depth of being that asks us to enter that which is wholly unknown and that which fosters a genuine remaking of consciousness – a transformation of the heart and therefore being. In nine increasingly deep corridors of an interior journey, and in her customary lyrical, transmissional style, Christina takes the listener through a remaking of consciousness so that the unitive experience can flower in one’s daily life. To awaken within unity consciousness, and be its agent, is to be an energizing center in the times we now live in.