The Omnipresent Body – A six-week series


In this six-week evening series, we release our matter to dream.


Humanity and the earth, for the time in our memory, together have been spiraling through the cosmos on inseparable journeys of growth and expansion. At a time when there is so much change, it has been said ‘the time has come and the revolution has begun.’ Perhaps the earth does not require a revolution on the part of humanity but rather, she is urging our evolution—urging us to experience a connection with the immeasurable force that is us and yet much greater than us.

Our sentient bodies are continuous with the vast body of the land and the cosmos. Far from restricting our experience of the divine, the body is our very means of entering into deep relation and holy dialogue with life itself. Our bodies are not fixed and determinate. When we actually experience and live in the miraculous body matrix, it meets creation and is an exquisite evolutionary shape shifting being.

In this six-week evening series, we release our matter to dream. We attune ourselves to the divine intelligence that animates the universe—moving inside beauty, and the human soul’s birthright to flow with the nameless that animates, luxuriates, burns, and transpires through form, enlivening what is.